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Feeling stuck despite all the hard work? Finances and lifestyle not matching your efforts? Money Locates You gives you actionable solutions to transform your financial journey and elevate your lifestyle. It’s all about YOU and YOUR success matters!

Money Locates You is a revelation to those who have been working very hard for years without any significant increase in wealth. It is a guidebook to creating true riches in your life. It is a brilliant and practical expose put in straightforward terms with thought-provoking exercises, practical tools and resources, to remain vibrationally aligned with the Source of All. Its unconventional approach will teach you how to create financial prosperity, greater abundance, joy, and fulfillment in every area of your life.

Through the proper application of certain Laws, principles and practical steps to money manifestation, you will learn how to position yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually to receive the abundance that is forever seeking to come to and through you.

What others, including some rich and famous people, think about money will make you laugh out loud, elicit strong emotional responses and may be relatable, giving you the opportunity to examine your own money beliefs and relationship with money. Money does not discriminate and like everything, has energy. The belief that money is constantly circulating means that it will flow to the person who really wants it, has positive beliefs and a good relationship with money.

You’ll develop a higher level of self-awareness which formulates your identity and is crucial in your expectations and manifestations. Identifying with Source and your purpose is the foundation of the effortless creation of financial abundance. You will discover the direct correlation between self-awareness, self-perception, beliefs, your mindset and capabilities. With a deeper understanding of your exceptionally powerful Mind, the use of positive words and affirmations, you’ll renew your mind for optimum money manifestation.

You’ll learn how to desire any good thing and to get rid of the notion that dreaming big is futile. “You can have anything that your heart desires. The only question is, ‘What would you love?”


This is an extraordinary book that over delivers in simplicity and understanding. You will love the philosophy, spirituality, and practical exercises that help you connect to all the abundance you desire. I truly believe your life will be enriched by following this sage advice.

Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author

Joan is an amazing Transformational expert who guided me to become a subject matter expert in 3 months. I've been offered 5 high-profile speaking engagements as a result of her coaching.

Julius Nkafu, FCIArb, Barrister, Great James Street Chambers, London, England

Joan’s story is inspiring and the energy she exudes and talks about in this book was immediately apparent the first time I met her. Many people are raised to believe they can never have financial abundance and that seeking wealth is wrong. Joan shatters both these myths in her book and shows the connection between the law of attraction, religion, and wealth and how every one of us can transform our lives to be abundant. If your desire to live a spiritual life is holding back your desire to attract wealth in your life, you need this book!

Kyle Boeckman, Financial Freedom Expert and Best Selling Co-Author of Make Your Kids Millionaires

This book is a profound guide for developing a strong positive relationship with money and generating all of the prosperity you desire and deserve. Joan does an excellent job of conveying the principles for building a successful and wealthy person’s Self-Identity. It will help you achieve greater success. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the winner you were meant to be! I strongly suggest that you read it!

Vladimira Kuna, High Performance Mindset Coach and International Best Selling Author of The Bible of the Masterminds

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