Achieve Your Dreams with theSMARTAway™—Where Your Goals Meet Success!

Unlock the secret to success with our unique blend of traditional SMART principles and deep emotional and spiritual alignment. Feel the unforgettable joy of crushing your goals.

You will never forget the first time you achieved a goal that seemed unreachable. Whether it’s the thrill of signing your first major client, the pride in hitting your target weight, or the joy of buying your dream home, these are moments that define us. Welcome to a new era of goal achievement, where clarity meets deep purpose, and your aspirations become attainable realities. Part of our acclaimed Elite Success Matrix, theSMARTAway™ isn't just a method—it's your pathway to emotionally and spiritually aligned success. Whether you're looking to advance your career, enhance personal relationships, or achieve financial freedom, our framework is designed to guide you to your ultimate goals.

How It Works (Key Features)

With theSMARTAway™, prepare to remember every milestone vividly:

Specific: Clearly define your true desires, focusing on what you genuinely want to achieve. Define what success really looks like for you. Is it a number, a feeling, a place? Pinpoint it.
Measurable: Set tangible benchmarks to know unmistakably when you have succeeded. You’ll know exactly when you’ve made it because we help you set clear markers of success.
Achievable: Break your path to success into steps that feel doable, not daunting. Outline realistic steps that you can confidently take towards your goals.
Relevant: Align your goals with what’s deeply important to you, making every effort meaningful. Ensure your goals resonate with your deepest values and life's purposes.
Time-bound: Set a timeline that adds excitement, not anxiety. Commit to a deadline to motivate progress and maintain focus.
Alignment: Deeply connect with your goals by embracing them emotionally and spiritually, preparing you to realize them as if they were already part of your life.

Embrace your goals with every fiber of your being—feel them, believe in them, live them before they even happen.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

Imagine the pride as you cross the finish line of your next big project, or the warmth of success when you finally launch the business you’ve dreamed about. With theSMARTAway™, these aren’t just fantasies—they are your future. We guide you through a journey where setting goals is just the beginning. Feeling them come to fruition is where the real magic happens. Experience the profound impact of aligning your goal-setting process with your emotional and spiritual essence. With theSMARTAway™, you don’t just set goals—you embody them, ensuring a more fulfilling journey and powerful realization. Feel the satisfaction and joy of achievement before the results manifest, creating a powerful vibration that attracts success.


"When I first approached TheSMARTAway with my aspirations, I was hopeful but unsure about the future. I had a clear vision of my dream job, but achieving it seemed daunting. Thanks to TheSMARTAway goal setting framework, not only did I land my dream job, but it also exceeded all my expectations in every possible way. Every box was checked—more than I had hoped for. I'm truly grateful for the guidance and tools that TheSMARTAway provided, helping me turn my career dreams into reality. If you're seeking a pathway to success, look no further. This framework really delivers on its promises!" 

Christus W., Premiere Destiny Client

"Before discovering theSMARTAway, I had made several attempts to start my own business, each one ending in disappointment. This string of failures left me battling self-doubt and a crippling lack of confidence. I viewed myself as a failure, which made it even harder to pursue my dreams. However, everything changed when I embraced theSMARTAway goal setting framework which is part of the Elite Success Matrix program of Premiere Destiny. This framework not only provided me with the tools and guidance I needed to finally launch my own business, but it also transformed my self-perception. By applying the principles of the Success Matrix, I began to see myself not as a failure, but as a capable and successful entrepreneur. Today, I am the proud owner of a thriving fitness business. TheSMARTAway didn’t just help me achieve my business goals, it helped me reclaim my confidence and self-worth. If you're struggling with self-doubt, I can't recommend theSMARTAway enough. It truly works wonders!"

Jemi L., Business owner

Frequently Asked Questions

How does integrating emotional and spiritual alignment help me achieve my goals?

By connecting deeply with your goals on an emotional and spiritual level, you enhance your commitment and increase your motivation, making the path to success not just a journey but a transformation.

Can theSMARTAway™ help with any goal, personal or professional?

Absolutely! From personal health to professional achievements, theSMARTAway™ adapts to your aspirations, helping you forge a path to success filled with memorable victories.

How does theSMARTAway™ ensure that I stay motivated throughout my goal-setting journey

theSMARTAway™ keeps you motivated with structured check-ins to track progress, personalized support tailored to your needs, an engaging community of goal-setters, and access to a variety of motivational resources. These elements ensure you stay inspired and on track towards achieving your goals.

Are you ready to create memories of success that will last a lifetime? Join theSMARTAway™ today and turn your goals into your greatest achievements!

Based on your goal-setting style, theSMARTAway™ can help you enhance your approach and achieve your dreams with greater alignment and satisfaction. To gain more insights and take the next step towards success, schedule a free Discovery Call with us today. Let’s explore how we can support you in realizing your aspirations!

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